The Public Cloud presents several amazing benefits to Business

Business Value Start Small. Cloud Platforms like AWS let you start your application with just a single lambda function, or a single s3 storage bucket. Sometimes that's all it takes to deploy an MVP (minimally viable product). But unlike on premise infrastructure these little applications can scale to infinity - from a single function, container or server to literally thousands of servers all automated and all effortless.

Start Now. Cloud computing technologies lets you start your project right now. No IT services request forms, no guessing on capacities that nobody could know yet, no big capital purchases required and no waiting period. Just start building... right now!

Pay As You Go! Consumption based cloud solutions allow the business to deploy applications and pay only for the resources actually being used. No longer do you have to plan for 3 years of growth and build the large purchase into a capital plan. Instead, you can deploy that app for just a few dollars per month and the costs will scale with revenue.

But with these benefits, there are also challenges

Operational management. Starting small is great when things are... well, small. But keeping up with a scaling application is no easy task. And now that the the bar is set so high, you'll undoubtedly be expected to keep rolling out new apps and features - with no new headcount. Cloud is more efficient, right?

Compliance with industry and IT standards. Moving fast is great in the MVP and proof of concept stages of an application. But loose controls will not fly when the business depends on the application. Turning over the keys to IT to manage the spend, compliance and operations of your cloud application is the logical thing to do. But how will they manage all of IT?

Cost Control. Pay-as-you-go almost always means that your Cloud Computing bill will start off small. But it does not mean that your bill will stay small. In fact, most users deploying applications in the cloud are suprised to find that the cloud bill is larger than they expensed... much larger. How will you get the spend under control without slowing down the business?

The CLOUD SHIFT Strategies solution:

Our Cloud Portal consolidates, without impeding Shadow IT The CLOUD SHIFT Strategies Cloud Portal makes easy work of consolidating any number of AWS accounts that might own resources by bringing them under a single view for management and accounting purposes. This can be done with zero disruption the account owner or the services running under that account. Additionally, the account owner can continue to provision resources using the native cloud console, native CLI or with native APIs.

Our Managed Services can ensure ongoing security and compliance Maintaining security while multiple departments are deploying resources can be a challenge. Our managed services can keep an eye on deployments in the public cloud to ensure that they meet the cloud provider's best practices and your company standards.

Our Optimization Services can reduce cloud server sprawl CLOUD SHIFT Strategies provides optimization services that will help to identify areas of under-utilization and waste. We'll make specific recommendations on ways to reduce cloud server sprawl, increase utilization and efficiency and lower costs.


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