About Us

Cloud Shift Strategies

CLOUD SHIFT Strategies based in Omaha, NE and was born in the cloud. We are in business to help Enterprises safely make the shift to public cloud.

We are an Amazon Web Services Registered Consulting Partner. We resell AWS Cloud Services through our Cloud Portal and provide Education, Design, Deployment, Migration, Management & Optimization Services.

We at CLOUD SHIFT Strategies have over 25 years in the Enterprise IT Infrastructure business. We saw the inevitable shift towards public cloud computing and at the same time observed a gap in the traditional VARs' ability to deliver meaningful VALUE to customers on a pay-as-you-go cloud consumption model.

Born in the Cloud

CLOUD SHIFT Strategies was Born in the cloud, with cost models, business systems and org structures that are fully compatible with the public cloud's pay-as-you-go consumption business model. This means that we can put the VALUE back in cloud, helping Enterprises transition to the public cloud efficiently and safely.

Our Mission

We believe in freedom. Freedom that allows us to focus our talents on the things that will have the greatest impact on our own lives and the lives of those for whom we care. Freedom means that we spend less time doing the things that don’t matter, so that we can focus on the things that do.

We started Cloud Shift Strategies because we wanted freedom. Freedom for ourselves, our family, our company and our customers. We care deeply about our friends and customers in Information Technology. Over the last decade, many IT professionals and organizations have lost their way. They are no longer seen as the innovators that fuel business growth. Instead they are the cost centers that are perceived to hold their organizations back. But this is not what the IT professionals want – they want to have an impact.

We want them to find more meaning and purpose in their lives and in their jobs. We want to help them get out of the dark, cold basement datacenters. To stop juggling heavy servers, being deafened by noisy fans and tangled in a mess of cables. We want to reduce the number of Sunday mornings spent dealing with that firmware upgrade that went bad. We want to free our friends from the chains of computer hardware.

We want to bring our friends into the warm sunshine of public cloud. A place where speed and agility makes business relevance possible again. A place where software defined infrastructure, automation and continuous deployments makes production outages a thing of the past. A place where new features are delivered to business partners and customers with more speed and less effort. A place where IT is once again a business enabler.

Cloud Shift Strategies is a company with a single mission. To make Public Cloud easier for enterprises to consume, so that our friends can spend more time having a positive impact on their business, their family and their customers.