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Cloud Shift Strategies helps enterprises make Public Cloud cost effective and secure. Our Cloud Shift Portal enables IT leaders to gain visibility into cloud spend and compliance without impeding the agility of the teams who use the cloud.

In almost every large company with an agenda to get faster or leaner, the Amazon Web Services platform is the perfect way to try new things and “fail fast”. Failing fast means that ultimately, some of these projects will not fail - they succeed! They take root and become mission critical to the business. At that point, IT usually gets involved to help run operations, control costs and/or ensure compliance of the public cloud. But it’s hard to provide governance without choking agility.

Cloud Shift Strategies provides many benfits to enterprises deploying cloud services.

  • Real Time Visibility: Our portal provides an elegant and powerful dashboard for managers to have real time visibility into cloud spend and compliance across multiple accounts without impeding the dev teams (who retain root control of accounts)

  • Simple Invoicing: We consolidate multiple AWS account spends into a single simple invoice, enabling the use of resource tags for internal chargeback, helping the procurement team allocate spend

  • Maximized Investment: We aggregate the spend of multiple AWS accounts leveraging the combined spend for support, maximizing your support investment across the entire enterprise.

  • Customer Service: We provide education, consulting and managed services for operations to make the shift to public cloud easier on your organization. We can certify your entire team in AWS, one at a time or as a group at your facility.

  • No commitment: Our Cloud Shift Portal is available at no additional cost with no commitment - you can move to us and move away from us at any time with minimal effort and no impact to applications.

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Cloud portal

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