Focus on your business, not your infrastructure. Shift resources away from Data Center investments and operations and toward activities that matter for your business. Cloud Shift Strategies is a full service, Born in the Cloud systems integrator. Our solutions span the entire spectrum of cloud deployments. From Education through Cost & Performance Optimization, we have you covered. Select a category above to explore our capabilities.

Shifting workloads to the public cloud is a team sport and it makes sense to leverage the best expertise availible. CLOUD SHIFT Strategies partners with the best professional and managed services firms in the business to provide a complete portfolio of solutions to help make your shift to the public cloud successful.
Leverage us to ensure that your cloud workloads are properly deployed and safe from outages, data loss and security vulnerabilities. We'll help you lay a secure foundation that is in compliance with your industry's regulations (i.e. PCI, HIPPA, SOX).

We have a scalable pool of specialized and certified resources with pay-as-you-go rates that will ensure you don't have to pay for expensive mistakes or have idle resources sitting on the bench.

See below for our portfolio of professional and managed services.


"An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

We believe that education is the most critical component of any lasting shift. While cloud computing shares many of the same components as traditional infrastructure, there are lots of new concepts which require study and mastery in order to implement safely and efficiently.

We partner with Exit Certfied to deliver high quality education services. Exit Certified was recognized as one of the Top 20 IT Training providers of 2016 by Training Industry Inc.

We help you make the most of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud investment with the right training to help you gain proficiency and certifications. Training begins with a 1-day introductory AWS Essentials class, with options to learn and build skills by the role that best matches what you do – whether that is architecting, developing, or operating infrastructure and applications on AWS.

Take a look at the links below for a description and schedule for just a few of our most popular courses.

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Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works -Steve Jobs

Our cloud infrastructure design services are based on AWS best practices for availability, scalability, performance, efficiency and security


Our extensive deployment services ensure that you get your applications up and running quickly.

  • Custom AMI creation for rapid deployment
  • Automate AWS and server management leveraging Config Management.
  • Configure auto-scaling to handle changes in demand
  • Configure Load Balancing for increased performance and availability
  • High availability design and deployment of MySQL
  • Extend local datacenter to AWS with VPN or Direct-Connect
  • Configure CloudFront for content delivery
  • Integration of Route 53 into DNS solution


Whether you are migrating applications to the public cloud from an on-premise infrastructure, or you are moving traditional VMs to container or serverless architectures, we have you covered.

  • Migrate from on-premise or other cloud vendor to AWS
  • Application migration to AWS PaaS or IaaS


CLOUD SHIFT Strategies AWS Managed IT Services is your one-stop partner for cloud managed services. With our help, you can easily scale your IT workforce along with your growing business. We provide:

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance to actively reduce the number of incidents
  • 24/7 support with skilled technologists – service requests up through tier 3
  • Trending analysis and recommendations for optimization
  • Dependable service levels and aggressive resolution targets
  • Phone and web-based portal for submitting service tickets (incident and change requests)
  • Up-to-date status of infrastructure and platform vitals via web-based portal
  • Incident and change request reports
  • AWS Expertise: Advanced Consulting Partner, Certified Solution Architects, System Operator on AWS and Developer on AWS Certifications
  • Managed Services: Stay connected with 24/7/365 proactive server configuration, monitoring and management

CLOUD SHIFT Strategies Managed AWS Account Service includes:

  • EC2 Monitoring and Management

    • Monitoring usage and health of EC2 instances
    • Auto-scaling configuration and management
    • Configuration and management of security groups
    • EBS volume and snapshot management, monitoring
    • ELB configuration and management
    • Executing orders of Reserved Instances
  • VPC Management

    • Configuration and management of subnets and network ACLs
    • Configuration and management of Virtual Private Gateways (VPN)
    • Configuration and management of security groups
  • Identity and Security Management

    • Management of IAM Users, Roles, Groups, and Policies
    • Periodic review of IAM accounts and access
    • Multi-factor authentication configuration
  • RDS Support

    • Monitoring usage and health of RDS instances
    • Provisioning of instances (create, resize, replicate, etc.)
    • Simple database administration tasks (e.g. adding users)
  • ElastiCache Management

    • Monitoring, usage and health of ElastiCache instances
    • Configuration and management of available settings
  • SES Management

    • Configuration and management of domains/senders and associated policies - #### SQS Management
    • Configuration and management of queues
  • SNS Management

    • Configuration and management of topics
  • S3 Management

    • Configuration and management of buckets and bucket policies
  • CloudWatch Management

    • Creation, management of alarms for any available metrics
  • Route 53 Management

    • Unlimited zone management and configuration
    • Route 53 Domain Registration
  • CloudFront Management

    • Creating and managing distributions (based on client requirements)


  • Cloud Portal for consolidated billing view
  • Performance and cost assessment